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When Mom forgot words. Reposted from Nov 1 2010.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

A colleague of mine told me recently that we are all "saints and sinners." That in all our efforts to do good deeds, to teach children politeness and respect and to have manners, we lack the capability to be Mother Theresas. I have been receiving credit for being someone who I am not sure I can live up to. I am taking care of my Mom, making her meals, driving her to the store, paying her bills, cleaning the house, getting the mail, taking her to appointments. I do not deserve this label of "care-taker" because it is driving me crazy! I cannot think, I cannot eat, I cannot sit for 2 minutes without being angry or sad, or aggressive or impatient. No child is fit for this job. I feel guilty for feeling this way, and I usually take it out on her, either by the way I talk or just interpret what she is saying. Sometimes I have no idea what she is saying to me. It is like a bees nest of mixed up gestures and sounds and words. The other day she said, "Where did I put that soundy thing that beeps when there are people?".... She was referring to her Cell phone, didn't know where she put it. She asked me the other day how to spell "FRUIT." She never remembers what she eats so I think that she has completely forgotten to eat. I fear that she will go into the kitchen and have a cracker and some ice cream and then call that dinner. Oh, and the TV channel is always on channel 19. The Hallmark Channel because she does not know how to use the remote control. She sits quietly and peacefully in her spot on the corners sofa and slowly finishes her crossword puzzles. I want to talk to her, but sometimes I have to bite my tongue. She offers me some carrots, but can't remember what they are called. Sometimes she can't remember what I am called. She thinks sometimes I am her sister, sometimes a cousin. Sometimes a daughter. Maybe I should just tell her that I am Mother Theresa

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