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When Mom got lost, reposted from March 21, 2012.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Dear God, mom is lost, she wandered off

and we found her 10 hours later ,. "who" you may ask? "God" I reply. "we don't speak often". I know you help out and bring her back. Is it you or is it the fate of the universe? I feel like I should be more gracious, because this is the second time I've had to go thought this agony. I become abandoned my mind is lost in thoughts a 28 year old should never have. Mom never returning. Hypothermia. I see her scared on a park bench, wet pants, shivering. I cannot believe she was found. Just to recap, mom left the house before I woke this morning, I always sleep with the door open, and I installed a deadbolt lock on the front door. She was off and through the back door not even making so much s a peep,. I did not hear her. When I woke up she was gone. Search and rescue and dogs, and friends and family looking. We found her at a park miles, hours, and many blisters later. Brian's friends who had called and offered to help look, "try Greenlake or Golden gardens again" I recommended. Their good news on the phone sent a shiver thru me. Was this real?

She was walking and confused, wind struck and chapped lips, a blistered toe.

She is home safe, I washed her feet with warm water, made her soup and tucked her in. She wanted to walk to school. And ended up in North Seattle. I drove around for hours and hours, I checked the church's, the school the roads. How much more faith can I put into the universe before I really need to start praying again. God, please remember who I am. I am good. I am a good daughter, and I miss my mom.

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